Ministry Divisions

Since 1957, the Baptist Church Music Conference has been instrumental in serving and supporting Baptist ministers of music, denominational workers, and educators from around the world.

The BCMC is for every Baptist church musician, educator, and denominational support employee who seeks quality resources, engaging fellowship, and up-to-date discussions of the current and future church music landscape, allowing you to take part in and add to the great heritage of Baptist music which is ours today.

There are 3 primary ministry divisions in the BCMC:  Local Church, Educational, and Denominational.  Our conference is unique in this regard, that we intentionally bring together these three division of music ministry in dialogue and cooperation.  We have found that when we work together to bring a comprehensive approach to music ministry, we all grow and mature in our depth of understanding of music’s role and our role in the body of Christ.

Local Church Division

  • For the musician who serves/served in a Local Church as a Minister of Music, Worship Leader, Choir Member, Accompanist, etc.

Educational Division

  • For the individual who serves/served in a College or Seminary as an Educator, Administrator, etc.

Denominational Division

  • For the individual who serves/served at a Denominational level in the Worship and Music area.


  • For the student enrolled in higher education, either serving or preparing to serve in the music ministry.


  • For the spouse of a member who serves in one of the divisions above.