The Journal of the BCMC

The Journal of the Baptist Church Music Conference offers a wide variety of articles for the benefit of BCMC members.  Through the years, topics have encompassed all areas of church music from scholarly philosophical topics to practical applications of ministry. Whatever the topics, each year has something to offer all of our members, as we seek to include authors from each of the three divisions of our Conference: Local Church, Educational, and Denominational.

The Journal is currently getting a face-lift.  Please check back later.
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Disclaimer: Inclusion of articles in the BCMC Journal does not imply endorsement of authors and/or opinions stated therein by the Baptist Church Music Conference, the editor of the journal, or the Executive Council of the BCMC. The journal editor for each volume is listed on the index page for that volume.
Articles and information are copyrighted by the Baptist Church Music Conference unless noted. Permission is granted for active members of the Baptist Church Music Conference to print articles for personal or professional use, but not for distribution, reprint, or sale in any form. Contact authors for permission to quote lengthy passages or to reprint articles in quantity or in other publications.